This mom-to-be has a vegan, raw foods diet — is it healthy?


Fruit and smoothies

An Australian blogger recently revealed that she is expecting a baby — she is 26 weeks along, in fact — but she’s made waves because she follows a strict plant-based diet that consists of a ton of fruit, and not a lot of protein and fat. Since making the news, she’s been under quite a bit of fire from people bashing her on her diet. Is it really unhealthy, or should these folks mind their own business?

Loni Jane Anthony is 25 years old and lives in Australia. She recently did an interview with a local news station and mentioned that she follows the 80:10:10 diet, which in addition to being completely vegan, consists of 80 percent carbs, 10 percent protein and 10 percent fat.

Her Instagram account shows plenty of fruit-laden dishes and a thin mom-to-be, but does that ratio of carbs, protein and fat meet the nutritional needs of a pregnant woman and her fetus?

The American Pregnancy Association recommends 75 to 100 grams of protein each day for pregnant women. It’s probably unlikely that she is meeting this need with her high intake of fruits, but it’s hard to say for sure. You can absolutely get enough plant-based protein even if you don’t eat meat. Protein can be found in many vegan sources, such as legumes like beans and peas, and grains like quinoa.

Protein is important during pregnancy because it helps with fetal tissue growth, including brain and eye development. It also helps the mom-to-be by assisting with uterine and breast growth.

Anthony is already in her third trimester, so she’s over halfway to the finish line. She is under care of a doctor — who has deemed Anthony healthy, according to a commenter on the original article who said that he is her father.

It’s easy to criticize this woman for her diet, but I don’t think it’s really our place to do so. Similar to the pregnant mom lambasted for lifting weights during pregnancy, it’s really nobody’s business but hers and her family’s.


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