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Hi! I'm Stephanie Precourt and I've been blogging about motherhood at Adventures in Babywearing for the past six years. I'm a mom to three boys, Noah (11), Carter (9), Grayson (6) and a little girl, Ivy (3) in Northwest Indiana. While they are all too big to be worn anymore, they will always be my babies and still most certainly wear me out! Currently I work at home as a freelance writer and blogger and -- honestly? -- wish I could just knit and watch movies all day long! I'm passionate about pretty much everything, and I love celebrating the small moments that make up the everyday as a mom. I am also the director and producer of Listen To Your Mother in Northwest Indiana, a show celebrating motherhood with original essay readings performed in honor of Mother's Day. You can find me writing almost daily at my blog and also probably much too often on Twitter as @babysteph.

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