Do you have a healthy body image? If not, how do you instill one in your kids?



what's yours?
I treat my body like a temple!

Yes, I do.  Throughout my life I’ve been someone who has been very aware of working out and eating healthy.  I have made it my mission to always treat my body like a temple. I was an athlete growing up, swimming 20+ hours a week, all the way up till college. I’ve always felt strong and healthy and happy with my body.  As I started having children, I’ve always made it something in our home where I instill healthy eating and habits in my sons. My husband struggles with his weight, and I’m very aware of him not saying negative things about his body in front of the boys. Children are like sponges and they see things like that and it can become learned behavior. It’s important for me for my sons to love the body images, and in order for them to do so, I know it’s all about keeping them healthy as can be. With time, this may change, but right now, while they’re so young, I try the best I can do.

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