Does society’s/the media’s ideal body image affect the way you see yourself?



what's yours?
Comparing apples to oranges!

Of course the media affects my body image. Looking at Hollywood and all those size 2 new moms can be daunting. However, I know logically that these women work very hard for those amazing bodies. It’s their job to be fit which means they have to dedicate many hours a day to exercising and eating right. My brain understands this… but not the rest of me. I look at the tabloid magazines and sometimes feel not good enough which is absolutely horrible. I’ve made babies. I have war wounds… literally. I shouldn’t be ashamed of the changes my body had to go through to create life. I know this. But to accept it is another thing, right? I’m hoping with age comes wisdom. Maybe in 10 years I will stop caring. A girl can dream, right?

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