Are your kids BFFs, cats and dogs or something in between?


what's yours?
I hope they stay close for life!

Our daughter was the only grandchild in both my husband’s and my families for quite a while (6 years) before her brother came along. She was definitely *not* accustomed to sharing! So my husband and I (who are both “older siblings” ourselves) really worried how she would respond to a cute, cooing little character who needed a ton of the attention we usually lavished on her. We held our breath when she came to see her new brother at the hospital, waiting for the tantrum. Luckily for us, it was love at first sight! She instantly took to him, and he to her. Whew! They almost never fight over anything (of course the age and gender difference probably has a lot to do with that) and they always have each other’s backs-even against Mom and Dad! We’d definitely rather have them stand up to us for each other than to be at each others throats over every little thing. I really hope they stay close for life!

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