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Children need the connection.

I’m passionate about the idea that the attachment stage of development segues into exploration. You can continue the attachment stage of development throughout everything.  This just really implies connection, that the child feels connected through touch, that they can trust life and the people around them. Breastfeeding can be apart of all that, it doesn’t have to be, if a mother can’t provide that or it’s not economically feasible for them due to schedules or careers. To know that I can provide my son with comfort and connection when he needs it is so very important for me to know as a mom.

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2 Responses to Children need the connection.

  1. GENNY says:

    I totaly agree with Alanis. I adopted my son and could’nt feed him, so I put him under me on my breast when he slept at the beginning of the adoption…He was only one month… bUT one month WITHOUT mum and attachment. Ever is a lucky boy to have a so “full of love” mum.I love you Alanis.

  2. Jessie says:

    She’s so great!!

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