Love happens!


what's yours?
Love happens!

This is an interesting question. We don’t talk to our daughter about gay marriage. It just exists. It’s part of our families and who we are. We know straight couples that are married and have children and we know gay couples that are married and have children. It’s not a conversation we have with her – she just understands how love can happen.

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  1. daniwitz13 says:

    While LOVE happens, it has NOTHING to do with Marriage. This is like saying LOVE happens and you get pregnant. LOVE happens and you become a millionaire. LOVE happens and you become President. LOVE and an event are two different things. If LOVE can lead to Marriage, then HATE can also lead to Marriage. You have NO logic. Pity.

  2. kim2141kids says:

    I strongly dislike that “gay marriage” being discussed with our children has even become a topic for conversation. Of course I discuss it with my daughters, but only to explain all the reasons why it is SO wrong. My son is gay and I love him. I think he and his boyfriend should have all the rights afforded in a civil union, but “marriage” is sacred and is to be between 1 man and 1 woman.

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