How do you talk to your kids about self-esteem?


what's yours?
Building their confidence at a young age!

Talking to my kids about self esteem is tough because they’re so young still, so I’m not really at a place yet where it’s become a really big issue. I think part of what we can do when they’re really young like mine  is start them on a good path of being confident in themselves and what they’re capable of, reaffirming the things that they’re good at, and boost them up with things that obviously matter to them. This lets them know that you’re not only paying attention to them, but that you see the value in what they are really working hard at and it helps them build self confidence and esteem.  Those are great lessons that I’ve learned and really helped my kids feel confident about their ideas. We are really tough on manners in my house so everyone has to take their turn, and they understand that mommy and daddy have conversations too. However, when it’s their turn to talk, we really try to encourage them, hear their stories, hear their ideas and include them in the conversation. I think stuff like that really makes a big impression on then, and hopefully carries through as they get older.

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