Should parents have guns in their homes?


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I’m not against having guns in homes, but I absolutely cringe when I think about kids having access to them. Most parents I know who do have weapons in their homes are very smart about it, but to be honest I’m not really sure how necessary they are. Whatever happened to good old home security systems and maybe a German Shepard? Guns would really be a last case, very desperate scenario for me.

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  1. Ginger Kay says:

    I am pretty sure the clean-up for a house that bursts into flames would be more difficult and costly than blood splatters, but I am with you on the yappy dog.

  2. Adrian says:

    Having lost family members (yes, plural and from multiple families) to guns, I am clearly against guns in the homes for any reason. But here in Utah, there is a very strong gun culture – there is one city that actually tried to REQUIRE gun ownership (shudder). I know that nearly EVERY home my son plays at has a gun in it somewhere and I find it terrifying and unnecessary.

    We do have a large dog and that is all the protection we feel we need, and much safer and more pleasant.

    One thing I’ve always wondered – there are non-lethal options for protection such as tasers, rubber pellet guns, pepper spray, and beanbag weapons. If people are truly worried about their safety, why don’t they use some of those alternatives? They would still stop the bad guys, and your family would be much safer from suicide, accidental shootings, and domestic violence.

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