What disciplinary tactics did you swear you'd never use?


what's yours?
I threaten to tell Dad

I swore I’d never use the “wait until your father comes home!” tactic. My kids take their dad a lot more seriously than they take me and it bothers me that they’re so willing to listen to him while they argue and continue to disobey me. I don’t want to be that mom who threatens to call the dad, I want the kids to listen to me. But desperate times call for desperate measures and I’ve pulled the dad card one too many times!

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  1. I have to say that when I was raising my step-son I never used that one because I was the disciplinarian in the family. Dad was the fun cool Dad to his son, but to me he was another child to raise. I have to say that while raising my step-son I did catch myself saying “Don’t make me come in there!” and “You’re grounded.” Kids are tough and what works on one doesn’t work on another.

    I really feel for what my mother went through with 4 boys and me. We are all very different. She used the Dad card many times…she had no other option sometimes. I called my mother to apologize for things I did as a kid, as my step-son would do them. My Mom would laugh and say…the mother’s curse even works on step kids….Awesome!!

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