What does your family think of your life as a blogger?


what's yours?
My family loves it as much as I do!

My family has always been my biggest supporters when it comes to blogging. My mom even started her own blog! My husband Jeff is such a good sport and is always on board for whatever I might be up to next. He also has been awesome about scheduling his vacation time around my blog events and conferences. And the kids seem to think it’s fun, too — Carter is always asking me to take pictures of his Legos to put on my blog!

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4 Responses to My family loves it as much as I do!

  1. Sheena says:

    Some of my family knows of my blog or that I “write on websites”. Anyone else seems to think I do some type of assembly line work online like clicking things, filling out spreadsheets or something and thinks they can do what I do. Don’t want to sound rude, but it’s a little more involved, takes hard work, discipline, and creativity. /endrant lol

    Hubby is my biggest supporter. He blog with me for a while in a previous season of our lives. Jayden doesn’t quite know what mommy does on her laptop yet.


    You have a phenomenal family…and it is because you are centered, funny, and fabulous! I love it that your mom started a blog. Here’s to three generations of Babywearing Bloggers!

  3. Rhonda says:

    You have an amazing Blog and I’m so proud of you. You have inspired so many people thru your writing. Thanks for encouraging me to start my blog and keep it going.

  4. Stacie says:

    My family is pretty supportive. They know I blog and my daughter has started her own as a result. My hubby wants to have a blog too. Even my youngest son wants one!

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