What's your favorite healthy meal to make for your family?


what's yours?
I have a few go-to options!

If I manage to serve at least one or two really healthy meals a week, it is a win, right?  As long as the other ones aren’t made up entirely of fast food?  I mean, I always include the food pyramid – a vegetable, a protein, a dairy.  I’m trying to make sure my small people are as healthy as possible considering it is impossible for us to sit down and have full regular meals every single night.  And I also have to keep in mind that we are sometimes on a time schedule.  This means, I can’t give Delaney food that she will sit and stare at for upwards of 30 minutes, aimlessly moving it around her plate.  I have a few go-to options – take a look at the video for one of my favorites…..

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