When should your kids no longer see you naked?


what's yours?
That ship has sailed for my son!

A few weeks ago, while I was getting undressed in my room, my son walked in. He took one look at me and screamed, “Mom! Why are your boobies all the way down there??? They are supposed to be up there!” Yeah – that’s the moment that I decided my son would no longer see me naked. Hello! I have big breasts and… perhaps I need a little lift… but my goodness how embarrassing! That boy is lucky I have a sense of humor. :) My daughter is also at that very curious stage. Sometimes, she rushes into the bathroom while I am showering and she lingers a bit longer than she should. I know she just wants to understand her own body, so I don’t scream at her to get out right away because I don’t want her to be afraid of her body. I am a bit more lax around Natalie. But as far as Liam is concerned – that ship has sailed.

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