Where's the craziest place you've changed a diaper?


what's yours?
It’s gross but I go to town!

I don’t know how crazy this is, but maybe the most disgusting place I’ve changed a diaper is on an airplane. The bathroom is so small you can barely move in there. Some have the pull down changing table, but most don’t. Seriously, I’m going to put my baby on top of the toilet seat or sink? There’s no place to do it! I could do it in my seat but there’s people next to you. It’s really disgusting, but I learned to change by babies’ diapers on my lap, no sweat and no matter how dirty the diaper! It grosses me out to go in public bathroom which is so dirty or on an airplane, but I sit on toilet with lid down and do it all on my lap and go to town and change the diaper! So disgusting. I want to hear about everyone’s craziest place cause, gross!

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  1. Kennisha Hill says:

    I sooooooo know what you mean about airplane bathrooms. Disgusting!

    Mines was in the stall of a bathroom in a movie theater. It was terribly nasty too. They didn’t have a pull down for me to change him either. And, I didnt want to sit on the nasty seat. So I sort of squatted and stood up to do it. Poor baby was hanging all kinds of ways. LOL!

    As mom’s, we figure it out! Lol

  2. Stephanie Miller says:

    The craziest place that I’ve changed a diaper would have to be at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL outside the Carousel of Progress ride in Tomorrow Land of Magic Kingdom. The changing table wasn’t open and my baby could not stop screaming so I went around to the back of the ride where there were very few people around. Laid out a blanket on the nearest bench and went to town. Since then I’ve become very stealthy at changing my kids very fast without being seen in even the most public of places… like Walt Disney World! ; )

  3. Karen says:

    Not gross to me, but probably everyone around me… I got to changing diapers in public. When my daughter was small, if we went to a restaurant or other public place and it didn’t have a changing table in the restroom, I would just change her out in public. I’ve changed in doctor waiting rooms, restaurant booths, shopping buggies at the grocery store, etc. I figure if the establishment can’t be considerate enough to install a changing station, I don’t have to be considerate either, haha!

  4. Ashley P says:

    Truck stops are probably the grossest places. They have changing tables, but I’ve seen some gross ones that aren’t cleaned up.

  5. irish says:

    Hmm. Probably at our local Highland Games when my firstborn was about 12 weeks old. He had the newborn blowOUT up his back. Seriously – right up his back, reaching his neck. Found an empty picnic table and did it there. Luckily I packed spare clothes.

  6. Janelle says:

    I completely agree with the airplane! The one and only time I have taken any of my babies on an airplane was a 10 hour flight to Hawaii. My son was 14 months old at the time. He had a ton of apple juice on the plane and it did not go well with him. I couldn’t stink out the plane and change him out in the open, so I went into the bathroom. For some reason I didn’t think about sitting down and changing him on my lap. But I had to lay him on top of the lid…and his head kept falling in between the cracks, and the plane was moving. All I kept thinking about was how many men have been in there to pee and “Missed” while the plane was moving! I could not WAIT to bathe my child once we landed! uck! I still shudder at the thought of it!

  7. Annie says:

    When my daughter was only 2 weeks old, we had to drive 3 hours east so I could squeeze my swollen belly into a lovely skin tight bridesmaid dress! As we all know, poop is a wonderful consistency at that age. I was in a jam packed sedan, trying to change a diaper in the back seat….while changing a pee diaper with very little room, my little one started to poop…which literally shot in the air, all over me…and it kept going, and going, and going….I didn’t even know what to do at that point except grin and bear it. It wasn’t exactly the craziest place I’ve ever changed a diaper, but the experience in general was BY FAR the craziest yet!

  8. Tracey says:

    Love it! Grossest place for me was the floor of the bathroom of a car dealership. There was no changing table and I didn’t have the ingenuity to sit and put him on my lap. So I put some papertowels down on the floor and took care of it. Poor second child!! But I really want to know if Cameron actually went to the bathroom herself while changing the baby on the toilet seat. Talk about multi-tasking. ;)

  9. Rita says:

    I used to change my kids in the trunk of the car. Open the lid, lay the child down, change the diaper and pick them back up. This is one of the FEW things I don’t miss about having babies in diapers…lol

  10. Mundyman says:

    How about you don’t take an infant on an airplane.

  11. Tammy says:

    Our church has no changing table or nursery for that matter. So, I changed my son on the piano bench in the fellowship hall once and another time on a bench in the church courtyard. Well, you do what you gotta do, right?

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